Spring Cleanse Retreat

Spring Cleanse Retreat

Ah, Spring. We spring clean our external house, why not the internal house that supports the soul? What better time to clear the mind and body of those impurities and imbalances collected during the Winter months. This transition time from Winter to Spring is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and revitalize from the inside out, while keeping allergies, colds and flu at bay. Fat burning is natural in spring, and we can reset our ability to metabolize fat, the natural source of detoxifying and stabilizing fuel, in a calm manner. At the Ayurveda Cleanse Retreat, you will learn: 

*Your Prakruti- (Dosha) 

*Your Vikruti- (Current Condition) 

*The 3 major phases of the cleanse: Pre-cleanse, Main cleanse and Post-cleanse *Self- care techniques-Our mini spa day sanctuary event

*How to make individual modifications best for you

  *Yoga practices, meditation practices and breath (pranayama) practices to sustain you through the 3-week cleanse. 

*Vegan/Vegetarian Luncheon included.

Cost: $85.00 per person  (Lotus Family Practice Members- $75.00)

Time: 10am-3pm (5 hours)

Space limited to 10 participants.